Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Flurry of Frame reFinishing

I just made myself laugh a little with my title...but anyway

It's yard sale season here in Maine! 
My sis and I went on a mini yard sale trip the other day and on our VERY first stop look at the little lovelies I found...

(sorry for the not-so-awesome pics)

Two dollars!  Jackpot!

Now, to the untrained DIY-frugal-crafty-eye,
these may have looked like some plain old junky frames. 

But oh no - not to me!  

I have been waiting to find something with great detail that I could paint white
Hello lovahs!  
I also wanted something cheap to try out my new bold aqua spray paint on.
Ugh, I'm so happy! 

And just when I was thinking I had used up my yard sale luck for the day, I found these!  

Um, this one is upside down...oopsy!

I got these bad boys for $1 at my old churches thrift shop.

No, no, not $1 each....just $1. For four! 

Now for the finished products.....


Wild what a little white spray paint can do, huh?

And the aqua....yeee!  Love!

I just used a little rub on transfer from my scrapbooking collection for this one.

And this one is my fav!  

I couldn't get a great picture as it was so cloudy today but you get the idea.

Spray paint
Scrap Fabric 

and I got a new wall hanging for my kitchen.
And it's the yellow accent color we were looking for!

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  1. AMAZING girl!!!! You have something going here!! :-)

  2. These are awesome! This is what I am looking to do for my next craft project and this post is getting me sooo excited! So you used just regular spray paint? Any other tips about applying it to the frames? I am a newbie to using spray paint! Love your blog and hope all is well!

  3. Thanks girlies! Sarah - its so easy! Yes, I used Valspar that I picked up at Lowes but I think at the craft stores you can get the baby cans called Valspar Odds & Ends which gives you lots more options for colors. For these frames I didn't do any prep at all - bad bad :) but if you want it to last forever I would try and sand the frames or at least use a deglosser. Otherwise I just sprayed the paint right on them!

    Hope all is well with you on the other side of the country with Mr. Josh! :) xo

  4. Awesome!!! I love spray paint! I love your frames so much! Thanks for linking up today!

  5. don't you just love how paint can transform some ugly frames? :) :) i have a whole bag full of AWFUL frames needing a facelift!! thanks for posting --- i love the yellow fabric inside the circle frames.