Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Black Thumb

Just a quick little post today giving myself a 
teeny tiny 
pat on the back for not only 
killing my freshly planted herbs but for them actually growing, 
like, sorta big!  

Maybe my horrid black thumb has been upgraded to a shade of GRAY???

I kind of screwed up my collage and put the before on the bottom & after on the top...oopsy!

I'm gonna go stare at them now and watch them grow....

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  1. I'm like super impressed, those are huge! You'll have to post what all you make with them! Congrats, I'd upgrade you to green, for sure.


  2. Thanks, Monica! I'm shocked at how huge they are getting :) I made some basil lemon water yesterday to keep in the fridge...a humble beginning to what I hope is a collection of uses I find for these little herbs!