Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I SPY - Handmade Edition

I've been completely MIA lately!  My poor little blog has gotten absolutely NO attention.  Boo!  

However, I sort of, and I emphasize SORT OF, have a teeny tiny excuse....I know we all loathe excuses but I think you won't really mind when you see mine.

I've been up to my eyeballs in baby shower planning!  My mom, my sister and I threw my other sister a baby shower this weekend.  I have so many pictures and can't wait to share all of the fun handmade goodies that went into this shower!  It was fabulous.  I couldn't post as I went along because what if my sis saw my owl amazingness and then it ruined the whole surprise?  Not cool!  So I have it all locked away on my dad's digital camera to be released on an unknown future date.  

Way to be specific, huh?

Onto the real post for today:
I SPY - Handmade Edition!  

Purple Swirl Boxy Pouch

I LOVE these sweet little pouches!  
They are perfect for makeup bags but I also had a woman buy four from me last fall because she keeps her medications and diabetes testing kits in them!  

My first attempt at a rosette bib necklace.  
Though it's very cute I think I will just leave the necklace making to the ever so talented Brittany @ Love Stitched

My new throw pillows which you can read more about Here

I love my version of the ButterCup Bag.  
You can get the pattern to make your very own here
And here is the one with a strap 
(sorry for the yucky pic below and the sideways one above. 
My computer is being, um, argumentative today. grr!) 

My favorite envelope bag!  I want to use it everyday!

Here is a little craft project I did about a year ago.  
This idea came from Holly @ 504 Main.
I emailed her a pic of the finished project 
(before I had a blog and knew anything about linking up and all that jazz) 
and guess what?!  
She wrote back to me!  And said I made her day.  AWESOME!

Here is a Wavy Little Cuddler that I can't wait to wrap my little niece or nephew in!  Just a few more weeks!  Yahoo!  
You can read more about this quick little quilt here.

I suppose that will do it for today! 
 I had such a great time brining out some of my old DIY goodies!  

Don't forget to stop by 
to see what everyone else is showing off this week!