Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Flurry of Frame reFinishing

I just made myself laugh a little with my title...but anyway

It's yard sale season here in Maine! 
My sis and I went on a mini yard sale trip the other day and on our VERY first stop look at the little lovelies I found...

(sorry for the not-so-awesome pics)

Two dollars!  Jackpot!

Now, to the untrained DIY-frugal-crafty-eye,
these may have looked like some plain old junky frames. 

But oh no - not to me!  

I have been waiting to find something with great detail that I could paint white
Hello lovahs!  
I also wanted something cheap to try out my new bold aqua spray paint on.
Ugh, I'm so happy! 

And just when I was thinking I had used up my yard sale luck for the day, I found these!  

Um, this one is upside down...oopsy!

I got these bad boys for $1 at my old churches thrift shop.

No, no, not $1 each....just $1. For four! 

Now for the finished products.....


Wild what a little white spray paint can do, huh?

And the aqua....yeee!  Love!

I just used a little rub on transfer from my scrapbooking collection for this one.

And this one is my fav!  

I couldn't get a great picture as it was so cloudy today but you get the idea.

Spray paint
Scrap Fabric 

and I got a new wall hanging for my kitchen.
And it's the yellow accent color we were looking for!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Snack Night

I got together with my mother-in-law and cousin 
over the weekend and we ended 
up having the most fun game and snack food night!

They made the most delicious 

Such a cute name, right?!

This picture is her version but I think ours came out just as great!

YUM!  Try them. Tonight!

I made a couple yummy dips to go along with the chicken tenders.
I got both recipes from another great blog called

The first was this unique twist on pizza - Pizza Dip!

It had every aspect you LOVE about pizza but in a fun,
cheesy, bubbly dip!  We had it with sliced multigrain french bread.  

The last a probably best thing to happen to me in ages is the

I LOVE jalapeno poppers and just like the Pizza dip
this dip had everything good about poppers baked
into a cheesy, melty, spicy, panko & parm crusted perfection!

So, I think the moral of this snacky little story is 
your life will be better for trying these recipes.

It's a fact!  


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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Little Moving Away Gift

Our neighbors are moving 
Sad Face
They were the first ones who really welcomed me & Ad and had us over to see their house and chatted with us at the bottom of the driveway.
We had our first neighborhood yard sale last summer because 
Barb threw it together.
She let me choose any perennials I wanted out of her 
ridiculously gorgeous gardens.
They have lived here for over 40 years and raised their children in the house they just sold.
And, they're just pretty cool people.

I'm so sad to see them go but they are just moving a couple towns away.  

As a small token of gratitude for their kindness I thought I would make them a little sign to remind them where to find us....

Now, what shall I make to welcome my NEW neighbor? 

PS - I wanted to say Happy Anniversary to my Brother & Sister-In-Law!
Three years Benny & Laura!  Love you guys 

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Monday, June 27, 2011

My Love

Today is my two year anniversary.
How is it possible we've been married for two years?! It has been an incredible journey for the two of us and I am positive that we are more in love today then we were on this exact day two years ago.

A little reminder of why I love you so:
(these are my vows from our wedding)

"Adam, today I give my whole self to you
as I become your wife.
You have given me the opportunity
to grow and change
always knowing you would be there to support me
in my success & my failure.
I'm truly blessed and eternally grateful
for you.
I promise to always respect, encourage and inspire you.
I will work each day
with you to create a beautiful life
for us and our families.
You are my best friend and
because of that, I know our love is complete.
I promise to love you when life seems easy,
and when it is hard;
when our love is simple,
and when it takes effort;
through all of life's trials and joys.
I will strive everyday to be worthy of your love and
to be an honest and loyal partner.
These things I promise to you today & always.
I love you."

Now we are off to celebrate on this gorgeous summer day!  

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Certain Girls

*warning - mushy, feely, lovey post*

In life there are those certain people
special ones
the ones you feel so lucky to have

I have the 
girlfriends ever created!

They are the ones I have known since childhood.
They are the ladies that will be there by plane, train or automobile in a second, if I needed them.
They are the ones I passed notes with during math class.
They stood by my side when I married my love.
They let me cry on their shoulders when I was sad.
They can give me those belly hurt laughs like no one else.

They are the people that I have shared so many unforgettable moments with.
Together we have something I know will last forever!  

So, on this day 
I want to take the time to say
Happy Birthday 
to one of these certain girls

Happy Happy Birthday Betsy.

Love you, lady!


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Monday, June 20, 2011

Sisterly Adventures

My first blog post in AGES!  I'm so very sorry for neglecting you, poor little blog.  Life has gotten crazy these past few weeks and I think I need to learn some better time management skills!  

Ok, onto the actual post for today!  

I have two sisters, I love them.  I don't get to see them enough  - obviously.  I mean who really does?  I have one sister who lives in the same state but still 40 minutes away and another that lives in Maryland.  (I live in Maine)  However, the past two weeks were spent enjoying some major sister time and I loved it! 

We decided to check out the local antique shops one day when we were visiting my grandmother.  Such fun!  There was one place, which was essentially a huge junk yard of antique wannabes with a few actual cool items mixed in, but I didn't get a picture!  It would have been one of those places where I wish they had smell-a-camera - holy musty, old, dirty smell!  But I did manage snag a SWEET vintage hat suitcase.  I need to tear out the liner and put in a new one. 
(I smell a future blog post in there somewhere)

Here are a few pictures we got along the way 
(I will spare you pics of our sister photo shoot, which was filled with ridiculous but hilarious shots of all of us!)

Cornish, ME

This made me laugh!  The funnier thing was that the guy who owned the shop just stood at the counter w/NO facial expressions and gave us all the hairy eyeball until we left. 
I think he takes this policy VERY seriously!  

Nothing like 'em!

Very cool antique packaging.  How many items do you recognize?

How old do you think these are?  Ugh!

Where we stopped off for some post-antiquing sustenance.

The bird house at my grammy's

Thanks SISTERS for a fun filled afternoon!  Love you guys!  

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