Monday, June 27, 2011

My Love

Today is my two year anniversary.
How is it possible we've been married for two years?! It has been an incredible journey for the two of us and I am positive that we are more in love today then we were on this exact day two years ago.

A little reminder of why I love you so:
(these are my vows from our wedding)

"Adam, today I give my whole self to you
as I become your wife.
You have given me the opportunity
to grow and change
always knowing you would be there to support me
in my success & my failure.
I'm truly blessed and eternally grateful
for you.
I promise to always respect, encourage and inspire you.
I will work each day
with you to create a beautiful life
for us and our families.
You are my best friend and
because of that, I know our love is complete.
I promise to love you when life seems easy,
and when it is hard;
when our love is simple,
and when it takes effort;
through all of life's trials and joys.
I will strive everyday to be worthy of your love and
to be an honest and loyal partner.
These things I promise to you today & always.
I love you."

Now we are off to celebrate on this gorgeous summer day!  

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