Monday, June 20, 2011

Sisterly Adventures

My first blog post in AGES!  I'm so very sorry for neglecting you, poor little blog.  Life has gotten crazy these past few weeks and I think I need to learn some better time management skills!  

Ok, onto the actual post for today!  

I have two sisters, I love them.  I don't get to see them enough  - obviously.  I mean who really does?  I have one sister who lives in the same state but still 40 minutes away and another that lives in Maryland.  (I live in Maine)  However, the past two weeks were spent enjoying some major sister time and I loved it! 

We decided to check out the local antique shops one day when we were visiting my grandmother.  Such fun!  There was one place, which was essentially a huge junk yard of antique wannabes with a few actual cool items mixed in, but I didn't get a picture!  It would have been one of those places where I wish they had smell-a-camera - holy musty, old, dirty smell!  But I did manage snag a SWEET vintage hat suitcase.  I need to tear out the liner and put in a new one. 
(I smell a future blog post in there somewhere)

Here are a few pictures we got along the way 
(I will spare you pics of our sister photo shoot, which was filled with ridiculous but hilarious shots of all of us!)

Cornish, ME

This made me laugh!  The funnier thing was that the guy who owned the shop just stood at the counter w/NO facial expressions and gave us all the hairy eyeball until we left. 
I think he takes this policy VERY seriously!  

Nothing like 'em!

Very cool antique packaging.  How many items do you recognize?

How old do you think these are?  Ugh!

Where we stopped off for some post-antiquing sustenance.

The bird house at my grammy's

Thanks SISTERS for a fun filled afternoon!  Love you guys!  

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  1. It was a wonderful day - thanks for sharing all these pictures. They are excellent. Missing you already - Lots of Love, Maryland

  2. I want to go antique-ing (for wedding stuff!!)