Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Little Moving Away Gift

Our neighbors are moving 
Sad Face
They were the first ones who really welcomed me & Ad and had us over to see their house and chatted with us at the bottom of the driveway.
We had our first neighborhood yard sale last summer because 
Barb threw it together.
She let me choose any perennials I wanted out of her 
ridiculously gorgeous gardens.
They have lived here for over 40 years and raised their children in the house they just sold.
And, they're just pretty cool people.

I'm so sad to see them go but they are just moving a couple towns away.  

As a small token of gratitude for their kindness I thought I would make them a little sign to remind them where to find us....

Now, what shall I make to welcome my NEW neighbor? 

PS - I wanted to say Happy Anniversary to my Brother & Sister-In-Law!
Three years Benny & Laura!  Love you guys 

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