Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Snack Night

I got together with my mother-in-law and cousin 
over the weekend and we ended 
up having the most fun game and snack food night!

They made the most delicious 

Such a cute name, right?!

This picture is her version but I think ours came out just as great!

YUM!  Try them. Tonight!

I made a couple yummy dips to go along with the chicken tenders.
I got both recipes from another great blog called

The first was this unique twist on pizza - Pizza Dip!

It had every aspect you LOVE about pizza but in a fun,
cheesy, bubbly dip!  We had it with sliced multigrain french bread.  

The last a probably best thing to happen to me in ages is the

I LOVE jalapeno poppers and just like the Pizza dip
this dip had everything good about poppers baked
into a cheesy, melty, spicy, panko & parm crusted perfection!

So, I think the moral of this snacky little story is 
your life will be better for trying these recipes.

It's a fact!  


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