Friday, November 18, 2011

A Little Fall Decor

I spent some time in the past week trying to get my house feeling festive.

We are hosting Thanksgiving here this year (yay!) and then having a party with some of our best friends-from-away the following day!  I wanted to make the best use out of the fireplace (even though we never actually have fires in it)

Again, sorry for my crappy pictures.  Let's hope Ad & I get a fancy schmancy new digital camera like this.......

for Christmas!  Fingers crossed!

I got the FREE printable 'Give Thanks' banner from the lovely At Second Street and printed it right at home on some orange/mustard card stock.

I tried to get a nice picture of my little yarn wrapped wreath but my phone camera was being poopy.  SHOCKING!  Anyway, I just grabbed a wreath at the dollar store and used some leftover mustard yarn I had to wrap it up.  I added a maroon bow and glued it on.  Came out pretty cute. 

Fun Fact: I was trying to see where it looked best and realized the yarn just stuck right to the brick so it's pretty much just floating up there.

This ADORABLE printable came from Barn Owl Primitives via Thirty Handmade Days.

I made this little leaf ball with two styrofoam 1/2 rounds.  I glued them together, covered the bottom in orange felt then pinned in a bunch of these fall leaves.  I found a bunch leftover from a project last year.  Pretty cute, right?!

Those cute candles are Mulled Cider scented and the perfect color to add to the mantle!  They smell YUMMY! 

I made this wreath last night using some quilting fabric, from one of those jelly roll bundles.  I purchased the jelly roll like two years ago so I figured it was safe to say I wasn't going to be busting out a fabulous quilt anytime soon.  AND the colors were perfectly fall.   

I tore the long pieces of fabric in half lengthwise to create a ragged look.  I clipped them into roughly 4 to 6 inch segments and tied them onto this grapevine wreath at various places.  I concentrated the greatest amount of ties in the bottom right corner and thinned them as I moved out. 

Lastly, I made a little fabric rosette out of the yellow color and glued a mini clothespin to the back of it for easy clipping & un-clipping!  

Has anyone else done some fall decorating?  Hope you all have a GREAT weekend! 


Be sure to stop by Little Miss Momma for a HUGE GIVEAWAY!  She is giving away a Silhouette Cameo to one lucky person.....hopefully me! :)

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Maybe My Favorite Bag?

I think I might have made my FAVORITE bag yet!  That's pretty much all I have to say today......

Pattern courtesy of Little Big Girl Studio

Happy Tuesday Everybody!
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Friday, October 21, 2011


Well, that was a bit of a lenghty break, huh?

Not too much to post today but wanted to post some pictures of a few things I've been working on since July!  It's an embarrassingly low number of projects but hopefully with the weather getting cooler I'll be a bit more motivated to stay inside and work on some things.  

Alrighty - Strap on in 'cause here we goooooo.......

I just finished this little lovely today!  I wanted to make something really cute for a friend's upcoming birthday, and when I found this pattern I had to make it!  I got this canvas weight fabric out of the penny bin at a local fabric store.  I think I have enough to make a couple bags with it too!  

Convertible Clutch Pattern from Little Big Girl Studio

I really do love this bag but wish I had some different fabric for the lining.  
Oh well!  

Isn't this so cute?!  I had made a couple, but recently gave the other away to a girlfriend for her birthday. 

I am in love with this fabric but I'm not sure who it's by?

Pattern from Keyka Lou Patterns

This is pretty tiny and would make a great coin purse or a place to stash a few makeup essentials.  But the GREAT thing is this pattern comes in three sizes!

A little trio of cuteness!  In the larger bag I included a zippered inside pocket.  

This pattern also from Keyka Lou

I hope you all enjoyed my little update. I'm SO hoping to get back on my regular posting schedule and get LOTS of projects done before the holidays.  

The first project I have is to finally get my Etsy shop up and running.  I promise I'll make a really huge deal of it when it's ready so you all will know :)


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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

I found this great new blog this morning....
Loves of Life
it's super cute and Katie wants to see what everybody is up to this fine Saturday morning!  
Here is a little looksie at my Saturday morning scene.

Life can be pretty tough when you're this good looking.
My best bud, Jameson, having a little nappy in the early morning sunshine. 

I hope everybody has a great weekend!  I'll be back Monday with some pics of my latest sewing projects. Be sure to check back then!   

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Saturday Morning Scene

Friday, July 29, 2011

Instagram @ Mom & Dad's

Hey Peeps!  

So, my mom had never heard of Instagram before, so I thought I would do a little documentary of their abode via my FAV iPhone app!  

She was like 'Oh my gosh!  I want to print these out!'

Clearly I should be a professional photographer.  

(yeah right!!) 

Here's a little trip around their yard.......

And last but certainly NOT least......
here is a pic of my teeny tiny new nephew!  

You may notice it's just his tootsies.  This is for your own safety as he is 
your computer is sure to explode at the sight of him.  
You're welcome. 

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