Friday, March 11, 2011


I have a new favorite art project!  

Word Cloud Art  

Beware my friends...I think all my loved ones are about to be inundated by Word-Cloud-Art galore!

I discovered this website, 
called Wordle. 

It's so FUN because you 
just put in a bunch of words and 
up POPS your word art.  

You can change colors, fonts & layouts.  

The only catch is that you can't save your work to your computer.  
So, you either have to print it right then or save it to the public gallery. 

(if there is a way to save it I just don't know it!  Not all that shocking. HA) 

Here are a couple of my projects:


This one was a little gift for my Sis & Bro-In-Law. 
It just was something for their family to hang on the wall and I used words that were relevant to their life.  

I absolutely LOVE it!

Adam Birthday

This one was a completely different color scheme, much more neutral.  
It's so adorable.  
He hung it up in his office!

Wordle is not a reaganGrace sponsor

I've made a couple more but I can't show pics just yet as I haven't given them to their rightful owners yet!  

Has anyone else ever used Wordle for some cool wall art? 
I would LOVE to see your projects!

OH YEAH, did I mention that it is FREE?!

Have a great FRIDAY


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