Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Today is a GREAT day!

You may not know it BUT today is a VERY special day.......

You see, today is the celebration of the day this little guy was born!

He's SUPER cute, huh?

So today, my birthday message to my favorite guy is this...

I love you because....

You are incredibly sweet & thoughtful

Because you are REALLY silly & don't mind embarrassing yourself 
(hello awkward hugs!)

Because you LOVE your family.... 
(miss you brother BEN!)

and MINE.  
Even though we are a CRAZY little bunch!

But mostly because...

You make me try new things...even if I'm scared. 
 You ALWAYS support everything I do.
My girl friends love you

You are the BEST doggy daddy ever!

And lastly BECAUSE
you are my best friend and an amazing man!

Happy Birthday, Ad.


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