Monday, March 14, 2011

18 Varieties of Beige

Ever since Ad and I got our new couch about year ago my hatred for the throw pillows that came with it just keeps growing & growing & growing.  


See what I mean....

So not only is our couch brown but the pillows are a whole mess of brown, the hardwood floors are light brown, the coffee table is also stained some version of brown....I'm drowning in brown over here!  

This was an EMERGENCY.  

Something had to be done.

So, a couple weeks ago, I got some gorgeous & COLORFUL fabric and have been debating what types of pillows to make ever since.  

However, my lack of patience is EPIC and yesterday, once I realized that I needed new pillows, I decided to stick with something simple. 

First step...get rid of all evidence that the ugly pillows ever existed...

I cut those suckers up and was left with the filling inside.  

Kind of GROSS, right? And might I add....MORE BROWN!  

I only had a couple pillow forms so I need to recycle some of the filling for the new pillows.  There was no choice...the yucky filling had to be used.  

For the large pillows I reused the filling from the old ones and for the small ones I had 16 x 16 pillow forms.  

I am HORRIBLE with my finish work/hand stitching.  My mother usually gives me that sour-taste-scrunchy-face look when she sees it.  
Then kindly recommends I re-do it.  (YEAH RIGHT!)
So, I avoid it at all costs.  

It was a necessary evil for the large pillows but I think they look pretty good!

Very basic but I wasn't quite ready for handmade welting and other fancy additions.

And for the small pillows I found a great tutorial online for making an envelope back.  
(Of course I can't find it again today to make a link but I will put up a 
tutorial tomorrow with directions)

It was the EASIEST project I think I have ever done.  Each pillow took me maybe 25 minutes, maybe!  

And look.....they are pretty!

Here is a back view of the little guys.

So, the livingroom isn't perfect, but it's a work in progress and 
my NEW throw pillows definitely help.

Happy Monday!  


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  1. So pretty makes all the difference! I have some not so pretty throw pillows from some of our couches too...why do they do that? Thanks for entering the mocha mitt giveaway. I am a new follower here.
    504 Main