Thursday, March 3, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

Hey all!  So, I've become just a little bit obsessed with this amazing blog called 

This is Sydney:

She's pretty awkward.....I mean awesome, right?!  
She's super funny & stylish too.  Jealous yet?

Anyway, she likes to 
document her 
awkwardness & her awesomeness
and I'm ready 
to follow suit. 

Here goes........

disclaimer - i recently went for my checkup and was traumatized by the awkwardness hence why there is def some doc related moments in here


-getting up off the doctors table and having the paper stick to your naked bum

-having a casual health convo with your brand new doc while wearing nothing but the thinnest of all thin johnnies with nothing underneath!  I mean seriously!  
Thanks for mortifying me while you sit down there without paper stuck to your bum while fully clothed!

-having the doc ask you what your diet consists of followed by you making a joke that you eat pretty well but OBVIOUSLY love french fries, chips, regular coke, and ice cream…hahaha….but no hahaha from the doc….I think she may have actually gasped…..COME ON you're killing me here!

-standing outside the ladies room telling another woman it's occupied only to have someone else walk right up and open the door to….TADA….a multi-stall bathroom!  Welp, I'm a loser!

- i may as well include an awkward pic while I'm at it....

my new LLBean union even has one of those flaps in the back over the bum.  I'm still not exactly sure why it's there.  Anyone? Anyone?

don't worry.  I don't mind embarrassing myself at all.....I'm totally fine with it

Also, I just realized 
my bum like 
85 times 
in this post. 
So, it's even more awkward.


-'awkward hugs' with husband which always end in fits of laughter 
(I think only husband will get this one but I'm writing it anyway)

-sending husband a picture of the dinner I made last night and his first response being….
"Oh, I think that is blog-worthy" Best hubby ever!

-seeing my sister's baby bump sprouting

-chatting with a neighbor I haven't spoken to since October (we tend to hibernate a bit up here in ME)

-playing 'cuddle game' with my Nephew. This is where you simply cuddly under a blanky on the couch.  
Whomever is the inventor of this game….you are awesome!

Did anyone else have some awkward & awesome moments this week? 


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