Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A little Self-Portrait Linky Party

Ashley, over at Little Miss Momma, is having a little party today and it's all about loving who we are!

Here is what she has to say..

"Yep, we're really doing this.
We're busting out the camera,
setting aside our fears,
stepping out of our comfort zone,
channeling our spunk,
embracing the beauty that is YOU,
capturing the moment,
and then posting those pictures
right here, right now
so others can see
your shining faces!"

And here is MY shining face (along with my messy craft room)

Hey, hey, it's a snowy day here is Maine.  You all know that IS NOT what I'm really wearing!  Here's what I'm really wearing......

I <3 my Portland Seadogs sweatshirts (about 5 years old) and L.L.Bean Leggings!  How 'Maine' am I?!  

Thanks for making me do something fun on my boring Snow Day, Ashley!  



  1. i love photobooth!! haha! i'm jealous, i want a craft room!!


  2. Thanks Hillary! I love my my craft room - and photobooth too! I was just checking out your great blog! And I AM jealous of your outfit in your family pic. Just love it!