Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year - It's been awhile!

Hey all!  Many apologies for my disappearing act in December.  Life just simply got away from me.  Too many things to do, see, buy and wrap!

As a Christmas gift my amazing husband and in-laws bought me brand new business cards featuring my awesome new logo (see above) that my sister-in-law created for me.  They also bought me a domain for my future website!  I'm hoping it will be up and running shortly.  I just need to go down to my craft room and start getting crafty!  My inventory is nearly non-existent thanks to some amazing friends and co-workers who decided they needed a little reaganGRACE under their Christmas trees this year.

So, let the new year begin!  I think 2011 just might be my best year yet!


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