Monday, April 11, 2011

Kitchen Makeover (Part 1)

Hey everyone! 

I'm sorry that I have been absent for the past week.  
Husband and I finally decided 
to tackle the kitchen cabinets.  
It's not that they were the 
but they certainly weren't 
the best 
and our kitchen 

looked dreary, boring, tired..blah

See what I mean

More before

I wanted to get this project done so badly I was up until 2am this morning.  I dragged myself out of bed with husband at 5:45 just so I could see his reaction! 


Anyway, now that I have you all on the edge of your seats just DYING to see this new kitchen.....

I will break the bad news that the reveal won't be until tomorrow.  It's dark and rainy here and is no bueno for great pics.  Also, I like the idea of everyone going, UGH! I want to see it NOW! 

(insert evil little laugh here) 

I'll leave you with a few FUN pics I took yesterday.

I'll meet you all back here bright and early tomorrow


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  1. I have been wondering exactly what it is that keeps you so busy... now I see! I need some work done at my house too :)